Vauxhall / Opel - Xcarlink Android Integration with Bluetooth (A2DP) and USB ( SKU9907 )

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Vauxhall Opel - Xcarlink Android Integration with Bluetooth (A2DP) and USB ( SKU9907 )


The android module connects directly to the Xcarlink Multimedia Interface, therefore the applicable Xcarlink Interface must be purchased in order to allow you to use this product.

Xcarlink Android Integration with Bluetooth (A2DP) and USB 

The Xcarlink Android integration module seamlessly integrates an Android Touch screen system with your original factory fitted screen.    Adding android to your car will open up a range of possibilities by allowing you to use Google Play Apps such as Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, Youtube etc.  The system operates via touch screen control, either by adding a  touch screen overlay which is fitted to your existing screen or via the vehicles original touch screen controls. 

In addition the Android module also provides you with bluetooth AD2P wireless streaming and an integrated hands free car kit which are also operated via the touch screen system.  

Please Note:

  • For touchscreen capabilities you will need to buy a Touchscreen overlay to the same size as your factory Vehicle Screen ( Eg; 7" Inch overlay for 7" OEM Screen )

Features as follows: 

  • Fully integrated Android Multimedia system upgrade on the original factory screen 
  • Quad Core Android V4.4.2.2 system optimized for in-vehicle display
  • Access all of your favourite apps from the google play store in your car such as  YoutTube, Spotify, Waze etc. Use your existing google account or create a new account 
  • Fully self contained system; does not require you to have an Android smartphone.
  • Optional  -Touch screen overlay for interactive control of of the Android system, or use your original factory touch screen if available.
  • RGB video out connection to for the highest quality image on your factory display making use of the maximum screen resolution.
  • Launch Apps with voice commands (microphone included)
  • SD card slot for offline Android Maps
  • USB input for connecting a USB stick with Video files, music and control via the original screen via original screen menu.
  • Bluetooth A2DP stream music from your smartphone to your factory screen with touch screen controls
  • Fully integrated Bluetooth handsfree car kit with touch screen control (microphone included) 

Kit Includes 

  • Xcarlink Quad Core Android Module 
  • GPS Antenna 
  • Microphone
  • Touch Cables 
  • Power cables 
  • RGB Video output to Multimedia Interface-
  • Wifi Adapter 
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